This website has been powered by CONCORD’s DARE Forum, through their DEEEP project.

DEEEP was a project of  CONCORD‘s DARE Forum, the European Development NGO confederation. The DARE Forum unites representatives of 28 national development NGO platforms and 5 NGDO networks. The DARE Forum created DEEEP in 2003 and the last phase of the project ended in December 2015.

As facilitator of the European development education sector, the DARE Forum aims to be a driver for new transformative approaches to development. Both DARE Forum and DEEEP believe that the classic development approach is not enough to address the root causes of inequality and injustice, such as the exploitation of people and planet, or extreme poverty and extreme wealth. Systemic changes and joint action are needed and these can only come about with the active engagement of citizens around the world.

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