Goodbye DEEEP !

The DEEEP project will finish by 31 December 2015 after having provided support to the European development education community over 12 years. This is the end of an era, but also the start of a new phase of addressing global citizenship and public engagement for global justice. Find in this blogpost the last words our DEEEP4 team wanted to address you!

Key learnings from the DEEEP Project

What can be learnt from the DEEEP4 experience? After 3 years of challenging, fantastic and daring project, it’s time to look backwards and take the learnings from this experience. Enjoy the critical friend’s report and learn from this universal story of change.

The Grand Finale as if you were there

Last week, the Grand Finale took place in Brussels, it was the last conference of the DEEEP project. For an entire day, we have gathered our network , friends and members to harvest the ‘Best of Global Learning’ collectively. Read the entire story and discover how the ‘Art of Hosting’ made our participants sparkle for a new kind of transformation.

Our Grand Finale Event: ‘The Best of Global Learning’

For the last conference of the DEEEP Project, we will explore the real work of development education and awareness raising. Through a participatory appreciative enquiry methodology, we will distil the ‘Best of Global Learning’, education that addresses systemic transformation. Join us and don’t miss the ‘DEEEP fait la fĂȘte’ party in the evening.

From Development Education to Glocalised Citizenship Education? Insights from the Riga Conference

The European DARE Forum met on the 7th of May in Riga to discuss with the Latvian Development Education & Awareness Raising field on the future of the sector. As development and development education are increasingly outdated names and frames for the work that our sector is doing, the DEAR actors gathered to discuss two new frames: Global Citizenship Education and Glocalisation. What can these new frames bring in the agenda? Discover the outcomes of the discussions in this blogpost.

Global Citizenship Education needs you!

Since 2014, we have been lobbying for Global Citizenship Education to be at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals education targets. Good news: the SDGs proposal which is now on the table mentions Global Citizenship Education in the target 4.7. This is however only the first step and to make our dream possible we need YOU! Read this blogpost to know how you can get involved and give a new direction to education!