Join us on September 17th from 1pm to 2pm (Brussels time) here to assist to the next #DAREtalk webinar.


The video of the webinar is below. Please click on “play” at 1.00pm (Brussels time).

If you want to interact with the speakers, you can directly type your question in the chat box below. Our moderator, Maarten Coertjens, will take your question and bring it to the speakers.

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Communicating about development issues is tricky. You can easily get stuck in old-fashioned images and reinforce stereotypes against your will. It can lead to an unpleasant atmosphere of mistrust affecting your credibility and legitimacy.

You have to talk about a complex issue while making it simple for the public. You have to appeal to emotions and to get funds while respecting people’s dignity. This conflictual situation makes the life of communicators and campaigners hard. It’s time to think on the impact of our communication and start reflecting on our practices to improve them! But how?

In order to guide organisations to see a light in the long and dark communication tunnel, we organise a webinar on how to use communication for real transformation. This will be done through an hour online discussion with 4 speakers who have experienced different ways of communicating development:

More info in the concept note.


Webinar DAREtalk transformative communication: flyer