Last week, the Grand Finale took place in Brussels, it was the last conference of the DEEEP project. For an entire day, we have gathered our network , friends and members to harvest the ‘Best of Global Learning’ collectively. Find below the entire story and discover how the ‘Art of Hosting’ made our participants sparkle for a new kind of transformation.

At last, our Grand Finale has come and gone with participants from diverse sectors, organisations and stakeholders in development field in Europe. Practitioners, who never attended DEEEP conferences came to witness how DEEEP implements its projects; others came to rejoice with us and be part of our final moments. All the same, it was an occasion that evoked deeeeeep thoughts in all about what level to take the DEEEP ideals and vision to.

The event was kickstarted by the evening programme on October 28th where Nomvula Dlamini of CDRA, South Africa gave a welcome speech shortly before our conference dinner. From her experience with TAC, she explained why learning is key for activism and system change.

DEEEP Grand Finale Conference

The conference proper started the next day at the Markten Cafe in the heart of Brussels to give to the 120 participants, especially new to Belgium a taste of the ancient city.

The main objective of the conference was to create a collective learning space for harvesting the best of development education and awareness raising based on practitioners’ experience as well as to reinforce a sense of community around education and awareness raising for global justice and transformational change.

It was facilitated by two ‘Art of the Hosting’ facilitators, Marjeta Novak and Ria Baeck based on the ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ methodology to identify the Best of Global Learning, while Nick Peyne handled the life visual harvesting of the conference.

Final Conference Graphic Harvesting


The Appreciative Inquiry was divided into four aspects– discovery which challenged us to focus on key factors in our past that fosters transformational change in global justice education and campaigns:

  1. Participants were able to reflect on their experiences and share the experiences.
  2. Other aspect of appreciative inquiry covered dream which was about what the world is calling for and how practitioners can create open space for holistic transformational change.
  3. The third aspect of appreciative inquiry looked into design to explore innovative ways to co-create our desired future
  4. The last aspect was to deploy or highlight our collective learning.

In bringing all together, participants were able to finally focused on personal learning trajectory, ponder over how “I can personally be the change I want – what am I inspired to do in my own context as a result of this day.”

Best of Global Learning DEEEP conference

By so doing, the conference provided a platform to explore good practices of transformational global learning that embraces the systemic challenge of learning and campaigning to empower citizens to contribute to the transformation of societies towards a more just and sustainable world.

The conference was rounded up by a party…”DEEEP fait la fete” in the Madame Moustache Place where friends and lovers of DEEEP danced their heart away in honour of its very important and emotional last moment. Part of the event was the presentation/rendition of the DEEEP Anthem composed by our critical friend Johannes from the survey/harvest of the project. There was also the award ceremony, quiz and dance session (you can find them all in our Party Prezi).

At last, we gladly ended the day with the DEEEP thoughts that our ideals over the 12 year period has been bought over by many development actors and which will be sustained beyond DEEEP…

DEEEP fait la fête Party


In short, find below all the outcomes of the conference: