Find below information about some members of the CONCORD DARE Forum and their work in Development Education.


Belgium has 2 NGDO federations and 2 coalitions of NGDO’s, unions, movements and solidarity groups, two in the French Community and two in the Flemish one.

Both the French and Flemish federations have a specific DEAR working group.

  • ACODEV, the French-speaking federation of NGDO’s has a DE working group (Groupe de Travail Education au développement – GTED) and communities of practice dealing with specific matters related to DE (for ex. DE at School; Volunteers in DE). For more info, contact Magali Lucy
  • NGO federatie, the Flemish federation of NGDO’s has its global education working group, “Mondiale vorming” on how to  reinforce DEAR in the school sphere. For more info, contact Annemie Demedts
  • CNCD-11.11.11, in the French-speaking part of Belgium.
  •  11.11.11, in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

Czech Republic

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Czech Development Agency are the main coordinators of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, provide long-term funding to non-profit organizations active in global development education. The number of educational activities that focus on  development and global issues and which are offered by NGOs, universities as well as individual teachers across all types of schools has risen significantly over the last years. The NGDO federation is FoRS.


Finland has one NGDO federation and one coalition of NGDO’s.


VENRO (Association of German NGOs) is the umbrella organisation of development non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany. The organisation was founded in 1995 and consists of around 120 organisations. Their backgrounds lie in independent and church-related development co-operation, humanitarian aid as well as development education, public relations and advocacy.

Positions and lobying concerning development education, or “Global Learning” – as it is called in Germany, are coordinated in the working group “Education – Global/Local”. The working group consists of around 30 active members coming from all the member organisations. The group is cooordinated via the secretariat, has two chairpersons coming from VENRO-member organisations and several representatives in different working teams such as the DARE Forum or the UN Decade for Sustainable Development.


There are two main structures for organisations who are promoting development education in Ireland – Dóchas and IDEA.

  • Dóchas is the umbrella group of Irish Development NGOs and the national platform in Ireland of CONCORD. Dóchas has a working group on development education called Development Education group (DEG) which works to advance the position of quality Development Education within Dochas member organisations as part of working towards global equity and sustainable development.
  • IDEA is the national platform for organisations and individuals engaged in the provision, promotion and advancement of development education throughout the Island (Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland), and an observer at the CONCORD DARE Forum. 


LITDEA is the Lithuanian development education and cooperation network (association) of non-governmental institutions, that work cooperatively and collaboratively to promote development values and ideas, to exchange good practice both nationally and abroad and to promote mutual learning between its members by exchanging information and through dialogue with other stakeholders on issues related to development education and awareness raising.


FOND (Federaţia Organizaţiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Români) is the Romanian Platform for development cooperation. Development Education issues are dealt with by the Development Education Working Group within FOND, which consists of 15 members organisations’ representatives and 3 observers. The DE WG is a space for sharing and updating on DEAR topics, a space for exchange and planning, as well as a space for discussing policy issues related to DEAR. The DE WG has been working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education over the years, as well as with the Romanian Municipalities Association.


Four networks of Development Education/Global Learning interested organisations exist in the United Kingdom, one in each of the UK’s four jurisdictions:

  • In England: Think Global – the development education association
  • In Scotland: IDEAS – the International Development Education Association of Scotland
  • In Wales: Cyfanfyd
  • In Northern Ireland: CADANI – the Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies in Northern Ireland

All these networks are members of the UK’s Non-Governmental Development Organisations network BOND which is a member of CONCORD, the European NGDO network. The Global Dimension website provides information about Development Education and Global Learning resources available in the UK.


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