There were 2 research conferences for the whole project. The first conference took place in November 2013 in Brussels. The second one has been organised in the context of the EADI General Conference. More information below.

November 2013: Global Justice Through Global Citizenship: the Role of Global Education and Public Awareness

For the first time, researchers, academics and global educators had the opportunity to meet and discuss the “hot topics” in the field of global education during the conference “Global Justice through Global Citizenship: the Role of Global Education and Awareness Raising”. Two hundred participants came together to explore these topics through 25 different workshops which covered a range of themes from engagement with the private sector, the challenge of evaluation, to online education and youth volunteer programmes.

We also had the pleasure to welcome Jethro Pettit, Nelida Cespedes- Rossel and Matt Baillie Smith for the keynote speeches as well as John Hilary, Karen Pashby and Ajay Kumar for a panel discussion.

To watch the key notes and the panel discussion, we invite you to watch the livestreaming below.

June 2014: Workshops at the EADI General Conference

Around 600 participants active in development research and issues of global change came together on June 2014 in Bonn for the General Conference of EADI (the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes). The title of the conference was “Responsible Development in a Polycentric World: Inequality, Citizenship and the Middle Classes”. As co-chair of the EADI Working group “Global Learning meets Development”, we organised 4 working sessions on development education during the conference. Among the 4, we have organised one session named “International Volunteering and Development – Learning to be a Global Citizen?”. We invite you to read the report from this session.

This was the first time ever that development education has been included within the EADI programme, which is a great achievement as according to one conference participant “for global learning to have met development at an EU level was impossible five years ago.” The conference proved to be an excellent forum for bringing together development education and development researchers to find common ground for collaboration.


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