We have produced several research publications during DEEEP4 project by the end of 2015, you can find them all below.

In order to ensure the relevance and quality of these publications, we made sure they were linked with the broader processes which we were working on in the DARE forum and within our advocacy and capacity building work.

If you are looking for an older resource of ours, you can start a search in the online library.

The DEEEP4 publications have been classified into the following 3 categories:


This collection provides research reports and publications which help to contribute to innovation in development education theory and practice. They act as a tool to stimulate greater critical reflection and learning amongst the global education community.


This collection provides a space to present and reflect on new lines of thinking within the field of development education. The publications are ‘thinkpieces’ which are personal, provocative and intended to inspire further debate and discussion on a particular theme. Our thinkpieces targets predominantly development education practitioners and researchers, as well as anyone interested in the transformative potential of education and learning.


This collection explores new ways of weaving global education into the daily practice of various stakeholders. The publications aim to reach a broader audience such as civil society organisations or active citizens, who are interested in global justice and global citizenship and are seeking inspiration to put these concepts into practice.

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