Research was one of the three main activities of the DEEEP project.

We believe that research had a vital role to play in promoting innovation within the field of development education theory and practice. We adopted a participatory, cross-sectoral approach to our research which enabled us to explore a range of different perspectives and approaches on education and international development. We regularly published reports and articles with academics and practitioners that stimulate innovative thinking about new paradigms for development and education which have global justice at their core. Our publications targeted development education practitioners and academics, civil society organisations and anyone interested in education and social change.

During the project we have produced a range of research publications, including think pieces and quality and impact monitoring reports on development education. We have also organised research conferences. To know more on these elements, click on the respective tabs.

Among our research work, there will be one publication which unfortunately won’t be launched by the end of the project (December 2015). Nevertheless, we invite you to follow closely CONCORD news which will share the launch in due time.

Forthcoming book “Education, Learning and the Transformation of Development” with Routledge Publishers – planned for March 2016

We are currently working on putting together a book which will examine the role of learning in shaping new discourses and practices of development. The book will bring together both academic and practitioner perspectives in support of a co-productive approach to generating new knowledge.

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