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Online conferences

Welcome to the online conference page! This space is dedicated to short podcasts produced by experts from NGOs, universities on specific DEAR related topics. We want you to share your thoughts and comments with the wider DEAR community and of course with the expert who will answer your queries!

To leave a comment or a question, please register (on the left of this page). Once you are registered you will be able to leave your comment. Douglas Bourn will answer your questions on May 23.


The first set of podcasts have been produced by Douglas Bourn (DERC, IoE London). And secondly you can also access Vanessa Andreotti's online presentation.

 Douglas Bourn is Director of Development Education Research Centre, Institute of Education, University of London. The Centre was established in 2006 and acts as the knowledge hub for research and learning about development education in the UK and rest of Europe. He is editor of the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning and author of Development Education: Debates and Dialogues (2008) and numerous articles on global citizenship, education for sustainable development ad global skills.

Prior to establishing the Centre, he was Director of Development Education Association and member of various UK advisory groups on development awareness and sustainable development education. At an international level, he has advised governments and NGOs on development education in Slovakia, Poland, Cyprus, Japan, New Zealand and Ireland.


Development Education: Where does it come from and what does it look like.

This covers the history of development education, the relationship to agendas of policy-makers and NGOs on support and engagement in development and outlines a number of different interpretations as to what the term means. It concludes by posing a framework for ‘critical development education’.

Delivering Quality Development Education

This covers what is meant by ‘quality’ within development education practice. It reviews different approaches to delivering development education and makes reference to potential roles of NGOs. It suggests that central to quality is the learning process and that this means more than just receiving and reproducing bodies of knowledge. It concludes by outlining what could be seen as good quality resources and training within the development education sector.

Impact and Evaluation: What do we look for? What is the Change process?

This final presentation reviews why impact and evaluation are seen as important areas within practice of development education and the influence of funders play. It identifies the most appropriate methods and approaches organisations should take to address the impact of what they have done. Finally it poses some ideas and ways forward that could move organisations from just measuring impact to looking at the process of learning.




Vanessa Andreotti holds a professorial chair in global education at the University of Oulu, in Finland. She is there the academic director of: a research group on ethics, diversity, globalization and education (EDGE); the only (MA level) teacher education programme in Europe that specializes in critical intercultural education; and an international MA programme focusing on globalization and education.

Acess her online presentation on 'Ethical globalism: challenges and opportunities for Development Education in the 21st Century' here!