Twelve years ago, the CONCORD DARE Forum created the DEEEP Project. Today, good DEAR practice has been positive contribution in resolving the global crisis we are facing through support for development programs and policies as well as in addressing the root causes within the current economic, political and cultural system, which creates poverty, inequalities as well as limits citizens’ participation. However, before the DEEEP project finally ends by December 2015, we are reflecting on how best can we employ development education and awareness raising as a tool to address systemic transformation challenges?

Our Grand Finale event, co-organised with the Lifelong Learning Platform (former EUCIS-LL), will address this question and harvest 12 years of DEAR experiences from all around Europe. It will be an opportunity to take stock of “The Best of Global Learning” and explore the real work of development education and awareness raising, that addresses the challenge of systemic transformation. This will be done through a 100% positive technique, the appreciative enquiry methodology, which will help us to harvest experiences of participants from all around Europe.

If you are interested in learning from practitioners, researchers and policy makers like you have probably never done it before, book your seat today here. Deadline for registration is October 14th.

More details in the programme and concept note here.



After this learning experience, we would like to celebrate the achievements of the DEEEP project’s phases and officially say goodbye to all our members, partners, friends…. in a convivial and festive atmosphere. Therefore, we will raise our glasses and voices on 29th October from 7.00pm at Madame Moustache, in Brussels. Join us, don’t miss the party!

No need to register, just come with your smile and good energy!