The DEEEP project will finish in a couple of days, officially on 31 December 2015, after having provided support to the European development education community for over 12 years. This is the end of an era, but also the start of a new phase of addressing global citizenship and public engagement for global justice.

Find below the last words our DEEEP4 team wanted to address to you!


DEEEP has existed for 12 years as a European Commission funded project of CONCORD’s Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DARE Forum), with four project phases of three years each: from DEEEP1 to DEEEP4.

The History of DEEEP:

Initially, DEEEP was established as a platform for European civil society actors active in Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR). Traditionally, its mission has been to support DEAR actors through co-ordination, capacity building, advocacy and communication work at European level. However, DEEEP4 started with an ambition and scope far beyond the usual DEEEP1, 2 and 3 functions. Its intention was to reconceptualise DEAR as Global Citizens Empowerment for Systemic Change. DEEEP4 produced a considerable amount of activities and outputs: over 100 single activities including trainings, conferences, advocacy processes and publications. Beyond this, DEEEP4 had the ambition to radicalise and politicise DEAR and to build cross-sectoral alliances for citizen empowerment by linking with wider areas of education, activism, social movements and global networks for change.

What will remain?

Now that DEEEP4 has come to an end, it’s time to think about the next steps. What will remain of these 12 years’ experience? What will come next?

  • Thanks to DEEEP, the relevance of global citizenship has been highlighted and DEEEP’s work will be partly integrated into the new CONCORD strategy, in the HUB4 titled “Global Citizens Education & People Engagement”. We are confident that the DARE Forum and CONCORD will take on this endeavour.
  • The DEEEP online and offline library, freshly named “The Marta Benavides library for social justice“, will move to the CONCORD website in a few months.
  • For the last year and a half, we have been working with academics and practitioners from around the world, to put together an insightful and provocative book which critically analyses the relationship between education and development. The book “‘Education, learning and the transformation of development” will be published in summer 2016 with Routledge in their “Rethinking Development” series.
  • The project has opened new perspectives, started new reflections and sowed the seed of a new vision for social justice, we do hope this spirit will remain in each one of you.

Thank you !

This journey would not have been possible without all of you. We would like to thank some persons without whom our work would not have been the same:

  • the DARE Forum members for whom we have written a specific letter.
  • the consortium members of DEEEP 1, 2, 3 and particularly DEEEP 4. A special thanks goes to Kehys, the lead applicant of the DEEEP4 project.
  • the partners and among them, CIVICUS, CONCORD, TRIALOG, EADI… with whom it has been a great pleasure to collaborate and organise events.
  • the practitioners, researchers, learners, those who have participated in our events, read our publications, co-written our research, followed our courses…
  • the followers, the readers, the likers… those who made some noise about our work. Your contribution has been precious and made these 12 years a vibrant experience

We are grateful for the multitude of inspiring encounters over these years, and the friendships that have emerged from these. Development is first of all about people. And this is what DEEEP was also all about. People have the power to change the course so keep on moving, changing, believing… together we are stronger!

Transformatively yours,


The DEEEP team,

Tobias, Luciana, Santeri, Amy, Grace, Federico, Maarten and Helene

DEEEP4 staff members