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One of DEEEP4’s goals is to initiate a global coalition for citizens’ empowerment for change. The online platform is one major activity of this objective.

The platform sets out to:

  • be a “knowledge and sharing hub” about Development Education for DEEEP4’s target groups ;
  • facilitate and improve interactive communication and to coordinate activities between different target groups such as the DARE Forum members, the Development Education community and Civil Society actors.

Through an online survey, the following communication aspects were identified to improve so as to affect its general communication positively:

    • Knowledge sharing: DEEEP is considered as a European centre of information for Development Education actors who have to know where to find information. They usually asked colleagues or DEEEP team members for info via email. This information would then be shared with relevant actors often resulting in dispersed time and knowledge. Synergies between practitioners needed to become more efficient. From this assessment came the need to create the online platform.
    • The website: The old website allowed updating content easily but was quite strict in terms of layout. It had a low level of interactivity. Practitioners could not directly exchange or share on the website. It had to be done on other existing platforms (social media, newsletter etc.). From this assessment came the need to renew the website.
    • Online library: DEEEP has an offline library and has access to a lot of useful information for practitioners. Unfortunately, the offline publications cannot be easily shared with the community. From this assessment came the need to expand and reinforce the online library initiative and to integrate it into the online platform.

What you are now seeing is the result, an interactive online platform! We hope that you find it useful and stimulating and we invite you to be part of the community and engage directly with what’s going on.


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