What can be learnt from the DEEEP4 experience? After 3 years of challenging, fantastic and daring project, it’s time to look backwards and take the learnings from this experience.

Johannes Krause was invited as a critical friend to evaluate the impact of the DEEEP4 project over the three-year period. Rather than quantitatively assess the project, Johannes has qualitatively addressed the changes which have occurred throughout the project and reflected on the challenges faced.DEEEP Significant Change Wordscloud

Thanks to 4 indicators, the evaluation report makes clear that all the results have been brilliantly achieved. DEEEP has succeeded to:

  1. Put citizens empowerment in the centre
  2. Become part of a global coalition of citizens empowerment movements
  3. Promote systemic change
  4. Be a transformative action experiment

But “DEEEP4 was much more than a successfully completed European DEAR co-ordination, capacity building and advocacy project. DEEEP4 was… fantastic. It was daring. It was an impossible project.

Nevertheless, his analysis reveals that the project got trapped in contradictions in each of these processes as each were challenges on their own.

As conclusion, let’s quote the last words of Johannes’ report which reflect perfectly the inherent contradictions faced during the project:

DEEEP4 […] generated great enthusiasm and deep frustration. It was a revolutionary initiative within the constraints of a carefully managed EU project. It was driven by great vision and at times lost in total confusion. Its energy flew out of passion and true humanity while its procedures often followed the standards of technical rationality. As it seems, DEEEP4 was a perfect expression of our current time between paradigms: ‘a space between stories’.
Do you want to know more? Read the entire report here.