This website focuses mostly on the 4th phase of the project (from 2013 until 2015) but the DEEEP project was created by the CONCORD DARE Forum in 2002. Each phase lasted 3 years, following the European Commission’s funding system.

We invite you to visit “Our Timeline” where we have integrated our major activities, deadlines and achievements in a graphically dynamic way. For the narrative report, find the explanation below.


In 2005, an evaluation of the first phase of DEEEP was carried out to assess its overall functioning and operation. The results indicated that DEEEP1 was successful in: facilitating the exchange of information and ideas and cooperation between different NGOS, in both old and new member states; creating a sense of ownership amongst stakeholders; delivering on all specific outputs in its objectives (a website, a regular newsletter); having raised the profile of Development Education in Europe; defining, along with the DARE Forum, a common definition of Development Education that could be presented externally.


DEEEP2 was a complex project with objectives, activities and target groups that were very relevant to the needs and priorities of the organisations from the 27 Members States.

Its inclusive and participative approach allowed DEEEP2 to reach a high level of efficiency, particularly in increasing the capacity of NGDOs (through national working groups) to raise awareness amongst the European public on development issues, in reinforcing co-operation with other civil society actors and in improving links with European and Member States institutions.

The evaluation highlighted the successful integration of New Member States into the Development Education/Awareness Raising field, the contribution of DEEEP2 to national strategy processes, as well as the role played by the project in reaching a European DE consensus, through an active European multi-stakeholders process. The DARE Forum was consolidated and the work done during this 3-year period contributed significantly to the incorporation of DE/AR issues in the Strategic Framework of CONCORD 2009-2015.

Nevertheless, some weaknesses were identified. First of all, imperfect knowledge sharing during the Summer Schools (the project’s major learning opportunity) and the insufficient use of  resources allocated to the national and regional seminars which limited the project’s ability to reach a larger scope of NGOs.

Secondly, links with National Platforms and Networks or CONCORD members were not sufficiently developed due to time and resource restraints.

Even though advocacy initiatives were carried out at national levels, there was still a limited capacity of DE/AR practitioners who increased their ability to influence  policies in the 27 Member States, as for example regarding the inclusion of DE in school curricula.


The objectives of the project were the following:

  1. On-going pan-European and National coordination, networking, exchange, learning and systematisation mechanisms are actively supported and coordinated
  2. Political support to Development Education at European and National level is increased and translated into concrete strategies and policies
  3. A pan-European multi-actor reference framework on quality Development/Global Education is developed
  4. Skills and knowledge of Development/Global Education practitioners are improved and increased all over the EU-27

The following activities were carried during the project:

  • We supported the multistakeholders process towards a European Development Education Strategy Framework.
  • DEEEP actively supported the work of the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum, and the priorities set by CONCORD in its 2009-2015 strategic plan
  • Three Development Education Summer Schools
  • Online courses
  • Reflection and training seminars at national and international levels
  • Information and documentation, through the website, the newsletter and the mailing lists.


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