DEEEP4 developed development education as a tool for citizen’s empowerment and systemic change.

We therefore aimed to:

  1. Create a global movement of citizens working for change
  2. Coordinate the development education sector
  3. Sharpen the identity and concepts of development education
  4. Contribute  to wider discourses on development and education
  5. Improve the quality and impact of development education


These pillars have been enhanced through the following interlinked DEEEP activities:

  • Advocacy: DEEEP advocated for the development education sector on a European and global scale, influenced the political agenda and exchange best practices. DEEEP was an instrument for political change.
  • Capacity building: DEEEP organized various training sessions, conferences and forums for NGOs on the importance of strengthening public engagement. DEEEP empowered citizens by using development education as a participative, critical and transformative learning process. DEEEP was an instrument for social change.
  • Research: DEEEP coordinated research, seminars and conferences to bring together NGOs and the academic sector. We wanted to strengthen development education as a tool for change within both educational and development discourse. DEEEP was a tool for learning
  • Communication: DEEEP reinforced communication mechanisms inside and outside of the development education field, with an emphasis on common development education values and stories. DEEEP was a tool for cooperation.

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