The DEEEP project was initiated by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DARE Forum) of CONCORD and was co-funded by the European Union. DEEEP started its 4th phase from January 2013 and ended by December 2015, with no next phase planed in the format we used to know it.

The Consortium Members for the last phase were : Kehys (lead applicant) – OXFAM ItaliaSudwindGrupa ZagranicaIDEA (The Irish Development Education Association).

DEEEP4 aimed to challenge the classic approach to international development, which we believe fails to adequately address the root causes of inequality and injustice, such as the exploitation of people and planet, or extreme poverty and extreme wealth. Systemic changes are needed and these can only come about with the active engagement of citizens around the world. We believe that development education is a key tool in gaining a critical understanding of the world around us and in creating an active global civil society, which works systemically for greater global justice. To get there, DEEEP4 facilitated joint action and collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders including NGOs, educators, citizens, state and research institutes.  For more info about the past project phases, we invite you to go the “our experiment” tab where you will be able to discover more about this innovative experience.

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