The European DARE ForumIMG_6384 met on the 7th of May in Riga to discuss with the Latvian Development Education & Awareness Raising (DEAR) field on the future of the sector. As development and development education are increasingly outdated names and frames for the work that our sector is doing, the DEAR actors gathered to discuss two new frames: Global Citizenship Education and Glocalisation.

In the morning conference, the political and pedagogical frame of Global Citizenship Education was the focus of our common learning. Together the participants discussed how the DEAR sector can use this new frame and connect it to a post-development agenda: the Sustainable Development Goals. The differences and commonalities of these 2 concepts (GCE versus DEAR) were at the centre of our conversations. This new frame can be used to challenge the current economic focus of education and to re-introduce values to our education systems. Going beyond the “Development” approach, Global Citizenship Education further is an opportunity to come together as various educational fields and together re-develop a caring, human education.

In the afternoon conference, the frame of glocalisation was experimented to see whether it could be a useful frame for our sector. Glocalisation transcends the old north-south divide and forms a method to connect local action to global processes and decision making. “The methodology of glocalization is a useful tool that helps to develop skills to think globally and act locally especially in everyday decision-making processes. Glocalization is not only the basic principle for everyday decision-making, but also as driver for balanced development in the global world.”

This change in perspective is happening in other sectors as well: Globala and CSR Latvia presented respectively how social science education and the business sector are evolving to be able to work towards a sustainably developed planet. 

For more information on the conference, you can find the presentations below:


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