LIVE STREAMING : “All you need to know about Education for Global Citizenship

If you can unfortunately not join us, the 2nd panel discussion of the first day will be broadcast on this same page.

Join us here on June 24th from 11.30am to 1pm (Brussels time) to hear:

  • Prof Lotz-Sisitka, Rhodes University, South Africa about Where does EGC come from?
  • Lydia Rupert, UNESCO,  about Where is EGC now and what concept does UNESCO work with? 
  • Helle Gudmandsen, Global Campaign for Education, GCE about The EGC target in Post 2015: what is possible?
  • Abbie Raikes, UNESCO, about Monitoring EGC, can we measure this? 
  • Balkissa Ide Siddo, Saroeun Soeung, Nicolas Sautejeau, Joji Fatiaki, Regional Coordinators Beyond2015, about EGC around the world 

If you have questions for the panel, we recommend you to use the Twitter hashtag #edu4GC. A tweet wall will be visible at that time and your questions will be forwarded to the speakers.

Due to internet connection problems, we invite you to watch the 2 videos (the one below is the follow-up of the first one). We apologise for the inconvenience.


We are currently experiencing a transformative phase in global development practice as the ideas, visions, and goals of the Post2015 Framework are being reviewed. It has become clear that the Post-2015 Framework aspires to be a universal process and encompasses all areas of human development. This means that it should include a global agenda for education worldwide. And also that this global agenda should be coherent with the aims of new Framework.

To ensure that the world develops sustainably, that rights of people are guaranteed and that we develop a more equitable world, our education systems need to prepare the next generations to do this. We need a Education for Global Citizenship (EGC).

This education exists in many continents, schools and communities in many forms and different practices. Education for Global Citizenship will need to be built on all these traditions such as Education for Sustainable Development, Development Education, Global Education, Human Rights Education and Peace Education.

While policy programmes exist for these different educations, many institutions and states still focus with their general education policy only with access to education, specific skills or employability.

The discussion about the Post2015 Framework therefore needs a solid proposal on Education for Global Citizenship , developed by practitioners, institutions, academics and educators together.


THE EVENT :Partners_Conference_GCE

This conference is part of a larger process and builds on many different processes, which you can find on this page. CONCORD Europe, took the initiative to organise the “Citizens for Global Education, Education for Global Citizenship Conference in partnership with Oxfam Interational, the North-South Centre, Beyond2015, UNESCO, Education International, the Global Campaign for Education, Engagement Global, CIVICUS and in support of the Global Education First InitiativeWe invite you to join us and to contribute to a solid EGC proposal.

If you have questions, suggestions or want to join this broad partnership, please do not hesitate to contact our advocacy officer.


Registration The deadline for registration was May 15th, the registration are now closed!

Programme: The final programme is available here. Note that some changes have been done since the last version: the Welcome evening moved to Mundo B and a 4th parallel workshop has been added.

When? 24 & 25 June 2014

Where? Brussels, Maison des Associations Internationales – Rue Whashington 40.

Participants? 100 European policy makers, Civil Society, researchers, academics, organisations working in the Post2015 framework…

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