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  • Follow-up of the webinar "Global Education for Post2015"

    Dear participants of the webinar, It is a pleasure for us to host this webinar with such a great panel! We open this blogpost to continue the discussions that took place during the event and to raise new questions that you might have. The video of the webinar will be available on YouTube. Feel...

    Tags: webinar, global education, Post2015

    1268 days ago

  • Webinar: "Changing the world or changing ourselves"

    After launching our Think Piece, we wanted to continue the discussion about change with you! We invited the writer of the think piece, Rene Susa, and 2 other great speakers, for a webinar on March 20th to discuss "what change really mean?", "what is this complex process?" and "where does it come ...

    Tags: webinar, DAREtalk, social change, transformation, think piece

    1358 days ago

  • Webinar "Engaging Citizens for Social Justice in times of crisis".

    In the framework of our next research publication which will be published on Monday, we invite you for our webinar on May 22 about citizens’ engagement in times of crisis. Through 3 countries (Portugal, Greece and Cyprus), this report develop the challenges Development Education can me...

    Tags: webinar, citizenship, engagement, research, publication, report

    1288 days ago

  • Webinar "Beyond European growth obsession: rights, justice and democracy for all"

    Our 5th #DAREtalk webinar will be co-organised with the Civil Society Contact Group in the framework of the the European Citizens Summit 2014 organised in September. This webinar will present the upcoming event and discuss the “degrowth” paradigm as a potential solution for a&nb...

    Tags: DAREtalk, webinar, degrowth, civil society, CSCG, europe, Citizens Summit, 2014, event

    1241 days ago

  • #DAREtalk webinar - The Bridge 47: A sustainable world starts with a new education

    Join us on December 14th from 11.00 to 12.00am (Brussels time) to participate in our next interactive webinar #DAREtalk n°7: “A sustainable world starts with a new education”. We will discuss how to strengthen the role of Global Citizenship Education through the SDG...

    Tags: Bridge 47, Post2015, SDGs, webinar, education, #DAREtalk, Global Citizenship Education

    711 days ago