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  • Invitation to Rustlers Youth Retreat

    Here you can find more information on the Rustlers Youth Retreat organized by CIVICUS that will be held in Johannesburg, 16th-19th, November 2014.

    Tags: Rustlers Youth Retreat, Civicus, Johannesburg, International Civil Socirty Week 2014

    1120 days ago

  • Youth Retreat in Johannesburg

    Hello everyone! As most of you don't know me, let me open this blog introducing myself. I'm Federico, one of the last "comer" in the DEEEP team, in which I work as a public engagement officer. Happy to "meet" you! Now, here why I post this blog: If you're interested in youth engagement, activ...

    Tags: youth engagement, activism, Rustlers Youth Retreat, Johannesburg

    1170 days ago

  • Join the Youth Retreat in Johannesburg!

    Hello Movement Circle membrers, As most of you will probably participate to the Global Conference in Johannesburg, I'm glad to forward this opportunity. If you're interested in youth engagement, activism and how to build up a strong civil society, then you might take part to the Rustl...

    Tags: youth engagement, activism, Rustlers Youth Retreat, Johannesburg, CIVICUS

    1168 days ago

  • Notes from the Global Conference call... Comments welcome!

    Dear Movement Circle members, As the second Jobu Conference is approaching, the Movement Circle met to discuss progress and take decisions on important pending issues. Here is short summary of the teleconference (16th September):  The Practical Side: is on track, just the interpretation n...

    Tags: notes, Global Conference, Johannesburg, phone call, International Civil Society week, Action/2015

    1152 days ago

  • Global Conference 2015

    Global Conference 2015

    Welcome to the Global Conference 2015 group! This space is designed to allow the conference participants and all the interested people to share a journey towards, during and after the important moment in which we all meet and discuss how to "connect the circles" and create a worldwide community ...

    Tags: Global Conference 2015, Tunis, Global Conference 2014, Johannesburg

    873 days ago

  • What do you think of the Global Conference cycle?

    Hi everyone! I'm happy to share with you the great report "The road beyond Tunis" by Tobias Troll and Olivier Consolo. The report is about the last Tunis conference, but also summarize learnings and perspectives after the entire Global Conferences cycle and what will be beyond it. Please, read ...

    Tags: World Citizens Movement, Global Conferences, Tunis, Johannesburg

    880 days ago

  • World Citizens Movement strategy workshop

    In the frame of the "road beyond Tunis" next steps, on 30th-31st October DEEEP will host in Brussels a strategic workshop called The Harvest Circle. Where do we go after three global conferences “Towards a World Citizens Movement”? The aim is to take forward the joint reflections on a...

    Tags: Harvest Circle, World Citizens Movemet, Tunis, Johannesburg, Movement Circle, systemic change, strategic workshop

    757 days ago

  • The Movement Circle

    The Movement Circle

    This group of people will discuss next steps and shape the further process of the World Citizens Movement.  Feel free to join if you want to be involved in this process and design the future of the Movement. Contact [email protected] for further information.

    Tags: World Citizens Movement, Global Conferences, Johannesburg, Tunis

    852 days ago