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  • The Constellation of Twinned NGOs-Schools in the Cosmodernity Paradigm: A Transdisciplinary, Transnational and Transcultural Approach to Build a Transdemocratic Horizon in the Global Citizenship Education Proposed by UNESCO

    Dear all,I wanted to share with you all our last paper, concerning GCE, which will be presented in June, in Taipei (Taiwan) in the T3 congress (transdisciplinary, transcultural, transnational).I am uploading it in "group files" and we have also been working in the spanish and portuguese version (...

    Tags: global citizenship education, UNESCO, cosmodernity, transdemocracy, Constellation of Twinned NGOs-schools, transdisciplinary, transnational, transcultural

    999 days ago

  • Global Citizenship Education during the 2nd UNESCO Replenishment Conference

    Small group discussion to present the Brussels Proposal to a select group of people during the 2nd UNESCO Replenishment Conference.  Rilli Lappalainen was the main presentor and moderator was Maarten Coertjens.

    Tags: global citizenship education, UNESCO

    999 days ago

  • Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development Goals: A Transdisciplinary and Biomimetic Perspective

    http://www.globaleducationmagazine.com/global-citizenship-education/   (Download full paper here)  Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development Goals: A Transdisciplinary and Biomimetic Perspective1    Javier Collado [email protected]   ...

    Tags: global citizenship education, transdisciplinary, biomimicry, education for sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, global citizens, Globalization, UNESCO, United Nations, worldology, Eco-Ethic, Big History

    909 days ago

  • Big step in the GCED process: first time ever discussion in UN headquarters TODAY!

    This important event will take place TODAY in NYC from 4.30pm to 7.00pm (Brussels time). It aims to highlight some of the areas where GCED can be mosteffective; to provide both theoretical and practical guidance for implementing GCED; and to raise the profile andgalvanize action among the UN com...

    Tags: gced, global citizenship education, global citizenship, UN, UNESCO

    769 days ago

  • Some important news on GCE

    Dear members, We have 3  important news to share with you: Tomorrow, we will participate in a lunch with UNESCO and the mission of South Korea on "Global Citizenship Education". If you are in New-York, we would be delighted to have you on board, this will be an important step to show the...

    Tags: global citizenship education, world education forum, european development days, UNESCO

    802 days ago

  • Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015

    Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015

    Welcome to the Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015 group. The group is your space and is where you will be able to meet and exchange with others, have access to and share key documents, concepts and discourses and above all where you will be able to contribute to influencing Global Citizens...

    Tags: Global Citizenship Education, Post-2015

    845 days ago

  • Comparative research on monitoring quality and impact in Global Citizenship Education

    As a follow up to the conference, DEEEP/CONCORD DARE Forum will be conducting a research project that aims to explore the opportunities and challenges of monitoring Global Citizenship Education. The research aims to identify potential assessment targets and indicators for Global Citizenship Educ...

    Tags: research, monitoring, evaluation, Global Citizenship Education

    1111 days ago

  • Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015 agenda

    What is the role that Education plays in the construction of Global Citizenship? Why is quality education highly linked to Global Citizenship Education? How can the World Citizens Movement contribute to the strengthening of Global Citizenship Education? Join the GCED working group in the Globa...

    Tags: Global Citizenship Education, action pledge, Global Conference, Joburg, Tunis

    867 days ago

  • Global Citizenship Education needs you!

    Dear members, Find here the last DEEEP blogpost on what we have reached so far and what are the next steps for advocacy for Global Citizenship Education: http://deeep.org/global-citizenship-education-sustainable-development-goals/ Enjoy the reading and post your comments in the box below! ...

    Tags: Global Citizenship Education, Post-2015, SDGs

    821 days ago

  • Call4Action #1 - Contribution for definition of indicators

    Right now the discussion regarding the indicators and monitoring processes of the new agenda is being held. At a national level, some countries are now involving their national statistic institutes in the construction of the new indicators. Try to be involved in this discussion contributing spec...

    Tags: Call4Action 1, indicators, Global Citizenship Education

    845 days ago