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Global Conference 2015

Global Conference 2015

Owner: Federico Spadini

Group members: 74


Welcome to the Global Conference 2015 group!

This space is designed to allow the conference participants and all the interested people to share a journey towards, during and after the important moment in which we all meet and discuss how to "connect the circles" and create a worldwide community for transformation.

Here you can meet other participants and speakers, find important documents, resources and info, and, above all, exchange ideas in order to create a free space of sharing, learning and discussion.

We will constantly update this space with all the relevant contents from the Tunis Global Conference "Towards a World Citizens’ Movement: Connecting the Circles" and next steps. Here you can start watching the great video from Tunis and exploring other resources below!

Brief description: The group for the "World Citizens’ Movement" conferences cycle. Join in!


Tunis Global Conference was a great chance to "connect the circles"... Were you there? Do you want to know what happen there? Have a look at our first resources and watch out this space for new contents coming soon!

  • The video from Tunis (see at the top of the page)

The conference was splitted in 2 parts, very distinct from one another even if connected. The first day, March 25th, was an open assembly as part of the World Social Forum programme. The second day, March 26th, was a closed strategy workshop where participants took concrete decisions and commit to actions towards a World Citizens Movement. For more detailed information, you can read the final program here.

And see here the action ideas we will develop further together!

Graphic harvest from the Conference

Explore all the resources to get an idea of what happened at the Global Conference 2014 in Joburg... Find yourslef in the photos and videos and catch up with the reports and blogs we wrote!

     The strory of our movement     |     The documentary     |     ALL THE RESOURCES...


Use this space to introduce yourself and give other participants a chance to know who you are! 

General info

The conference "Towards a World Citizens’ Movement: Connecting the Circles" took place on 25th and 26th March in Tunis, in the context of the World Social Forum and as the third global conference of a series.

The conference is organized by:


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