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Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015

Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015

Owner: Areta Sobieraj

Group members: 145


Welcome to the Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015 group. The group is your space and is where you will be able to meet and exchange with others, have access to and share key documents, concepts and discourses and above all where you will be able to contribute to influencing Global Citizenship Education in Post-2015.

What's Global Citizenship Education all about?

Development Education, Human Rights Education, Peace Education, Sustainable Development Education, Intercultural Education, Global Education... If we think carefully, what all of these educations have in common is more than what separates them, so don't get stuck with the therminology, after all we are all talking about the same values: justice, solidarity, democratic participation, diversity, empathy, curiosity - and we are all working to build a more just and sustainable world! And this is exactly the prespective that Global Citizenship Education is trying to bring...

If you are interested in knowing more, please look at our DOCUMENTS.

2015 is the lifetime opportunity that we will have to include Global Citizenship Education in the core of the new development agenda.

In order to support the work of Global Citizenship advocates around the world, we will keep an eye on what is at stake in the UN discussions and will publish here we will publish here CALLS4ACTION with exact suggestions of future advocacy actions for you to adapt to your national context and implement!


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