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The Movement Circle

The Movement Circle

This group of people will discuss next steps and shape the further process.

Upcoming phone conference (14/1/2014): documents, logistics, agenda

Dear all,

in a few days (on Tuesday, 14 January, 14h-15h Brussels time, to be precise), we will have the first  meeting of the "Movement Circle", and you have chosen to be part of it. Great! I'd like to provide you some information in the uprun of this meeting.

1. Logistics 

In order to participate, please connect to this link (as a guest) a few minutes before the meeting:


Please add me also to your skype contacts (tobiastroll) so we can switch to skype if these is a problem with the arkadin system.

2. Background documents

We now have the final version of Nicola's report, and it would be good to have a look at it before the meeting, as this will refresh our memory, and maybe inspire the discussion. Also, we have uploaded the report of the last Joburg Taskforce meeting. You can find these documents in the "files" section of the platform:


Also, it would be useful to have a look at Helene Finidori's blog post, where she raises important questions of the further process:


3. Agenda and questions to be discussioned

In addition to the questions raised by Maarten, the first thing we need to discuss is the composition of the Movement Circle, its mandate and role in the further process. Among the eight confirmed participants in the phone call, Bayo is the only non-European. Even if there was an open inviation (and there are some more non-Europeans in the group - please join the call!), it might be problematic if the shaping of the further process is dominated by European's again. I would suggest that we discuss why this is so, and how we could come ot a greater diversity in the Movement Circle, before addressing the other questions. Possible agenda points could be:

i. How is the Movement Circle composed? What is its mandate and role?

ii. Where do you see this process end up in 2015?

iii. What will be the contribution that the second conference can make to this?

iv. What activities would we need to do in 2014 to support this learning movement?

Please feel free to comment on the agenda or post your ideas, questions and reflections!