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Goodbye DEEEP!

Dear DEEEP community members,

As the DEEEP project will finish on 31st December, we would like to thank you all for being such active and interested "e-participants" over all these years. DEEEP leaves a legacy: the conviction that development needs citizens, anywhere in the world, to challenge exploitative capitalism and to set up alternatives towards a just transition. Global citizenship is an essential part for this endeavour, and we are confident that we all will continue our engagement for it.

DEEEP leaves behind a broad range of tools that might continue helping us in doing this work. You can find all the DEEEP publications (and many more) in the DEEEP Library, which will move to the CONCORD website in a few months. The DEEEP website and community pages will stay online, but no updates will take place.

We invite you to continue to use this space for sharing and discussions, but there will be no moderation anymore. Despite this, the online community remains a space full of resources, and we really hope you can continue to make the best of it.

A big thank you for the journey so far...

Happy New Year and keep the spirit!

The DEEEP team