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Join the Bridge 47 Network!

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted in September 2015 which marks a new global commitment to transforming our societies and economies. For both a new approach to education is needed, one that prepares all learners to act for sustainable development. This new approach is included in the target 4.7 requiring the world to ensure that by 2030 all learners are equipped with necessary competences to make the transition to a peaceful and sustainable global community.

Yet, where do we start? The SDGs and the UN processes leading to them are a vast and complex political reality. And many organisations, educators or policy makers are feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and which process to follow.

For all of us to start this work, there is a clear need for accessible information, good practices, mutual support and peer learning.

With several partners that have been very involved in the advocacy for the SDGs on education, we have come together to address this need. CONCORD Europe, Education International, DARE network (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe) and International Council on Adult Education therefore are setting up “the Bridge 47 Network” for all who are interested in working together on reaching this target.

The Bridge network aims to build bridges between all types of ‘value-based educations’ (for sustainable development, human-rights, gender, global citizenship….) and all kinds of educational actors (educational actors, policy makers, teachers, adult educators, researchers…) in order to support each other, facilitate cooperation and achieve the 4.7 target all together. If you want to know more about the Bridge 47 Network and take part to it, have a look at the network’s website and join now the Facebook group.