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Second Think Piece is out!

What is the Great Transition or Great Transformation so many people talk about? Why would we need a system change? What would this change be all about? While we use this terminology so often, it is time to take distance, to question ourselves and reflect on these concepts. This is exactly what the author of our “Think Piece n°2″* – titled Transformation - Reflections on theory and practice of system change - provides in this paper. With a sincere and personal interpretation of change, Johannes Krause brings us a small and humble light in this time of complexity and darkness.

Raising the internal dilemmas of working for systemic change and the intricacy of the transformation process, we are lead progressively to reflect on what is Humanity, what is our Society and why is a fundamental shift in mind and attitudes needed. A philosophical and inspirational reading that development education practitioners, researchers or anyone interested in the transformative potential of education and learning will appreciate until the last word.

Enjoy this transformational reading and post your comments, questions and thoughts below!


Federico - DEEEP


* The first “Think Piece” has been written by Rene Susa under the title The story we tell ourselves and published one year ago.