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Youth Retreat in Johannesburg

Hello everyone!

As most of you don't know me, let me open this blog introducing myself.

I'm Federico, one of the last "comer" in the DEEEP team, in which I work as a public engagement officer. Happy to "meet" you!

Now, here why I post this blog:

If you're interested in youth engagement, activism and how to build up a strong civil society, then you might take part to the Rustlers Youth Retreat organized by CIVICUS that will be held in Johannesburg, 16th-19th, November 2014, just ahed of the International Civil Society Week.

The Rustlers Youth Retreat hopes to bring together a diverse delegation, with 70% of delegates aged 30 and under (but open to everyone interested). Delegates will discuss the future of the NGO sector, issues surrounding youth activism and voice, and developing the youth narrative for post-2105 development initiatives.

Here you can find the invitation letter with all the relevant info: http://deeep.org/community/file/view/15553/invitation-to-rustlers-youth-retreat#.VA2RasJ_vEY

Hope many of you can participate.

All the best!