Development issues have always been complicated news to communicate about.
There is an inherent ambiguity existing between on one hand the simple and teasing communication that fundraising might require and on the other hand the complex and not stereotypical communication that legitimacy might ask for.
This conflictual situation makes the life of communicators and campaigners hard. It allows little space for communicators to reflect on the impact of their work when the fundraising imperative goes over the ethical requirements.

It is time to change! We can overcome this ambiguity and we believe this mission is part of the DEEEP project. As an action experiment, we need to reflect on all the aspects of change and communication is part of this reflection. A fair, positive and change-oriented communication is possible. But the question is how!

We have organised a webinar and a seminar aiming to first question the way we communicate development issues and then change these practices. The main outcome of this ‘communication cycle’ is the ‘Toolkit: Transformational communications for global justice‘.

If you wonder what kind of development frame does your organisation use, this practical hands-on guide is the tool you need.  Following your opinion, does development mean international solidarity, empowerment or the implementation of Human Rights? With the helps of this toolkit, you will know more about your way of addressing development issues. No matter if you have joined the seminar or not, this is THE tool that everyone in your organisation should have around. Feel free to share!

Part of this reflection, the DEEEP communication has carefully followed the “Great Transition” movement and the Common Cause network.  We have built partnership with the DevReporter network and the ‘Reframing the Message’ project too.

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Toolkit on transformational communication

for the Development sector

Transformational communications for Global Justice - reframing toolkit

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