Capacity Development

Capacity development was one of the three main key processes foreseen within the DEEEP project. It was seen as a long‐term endeavor and planned program, rooted in broader change processes that are owned and driven by those involved.

Capacity development activities aimed at supporting national platforms and Development Education practitioners in raising awareness, educating and mobilising the European public for global justice.

The main activities under the capacity development pillar were:

  • Development course. The training took place from September 2014 to March 2015.
  • National Seminars. Each year, DEEEP co-funded up to 5 national seminars, aiming at strengthening the capacities of national platforms in the field of development/global education.
  • International Seminars. Each year, DEEEP co-funded an international (European) seminar.
  • Sub-granting mechanism. DEEEP offered ten €10,000 sub-grants for Development Education projects.

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