The 2015 European Year for Development was a CONCORD initiative that was taken up, supported and co-developed by the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Parliament and by Mr. Barroso, the president of the European Commission. The ‘European Year for Development’ (EYD2015) was a timely initiative as 2015 was the last year of the MDGs and the year in which a new framework on global development has been given shape.

CONCORD saw the European Year as a unique opportunity for a broad public discussion and meaningful civic engagement on the vision of Europe on Global Development, within Europe as well as for other continents, with its dimensions of Human Rights, environmental sustainability and social cohesion.

The year 2015 was, in addition, a turning point for Education. The Education For All Programme and the MDG’s ended and the global community put forward a new mission for education as part of the next Framework. This made the EYD2015 a great opportunity to discuss the place of Development Education and Global Citizenship Education in the Post-2015 Framework.

The European Year was for DEEEP/DARE Forum a year of public advocacy and citizen participation, together developing a new vision of the world we want.

More info about the EYD2015 on the official website.

We have participated in this process through:

  • The webinar named “The European Year for Development 2015” (see video below)


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