The CONCORD DARE Forum has worked with partners over the years to develop Development Policy and Awareness Raising policy on a European level and to support national platforms developing policies in development education at a national level.

The importance of development education and awareness raising (DEAR) within Europe to ensure greater public understanding of development issues, has been increasingly recognized politically.

Political commitments to promoting DEAR in Europe include the EU Council of Development Ministers Resolution on development Education (2001), the Maastricht Declaration (2002), the Palermo process (2003), the Brussels Conference on DEAR for North-South Solidarity (2005), the European Consensus on Development (2005), the Helsinki Conference on Development Education (July 2006), the 18 months (2007-08) programme on development policy of the EU Presidencies of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, and the European Consensus on DE (2007).

We invite you to travel in the European and international commitments vis-à-vis development education through our timeline.


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