The CONCORD DARE Forum aims to improve education and development practice and policies in Europe and globally. This has been done and still is through expertise development, policy work and advocacy towards the European and Global Institutions.

The aim of the advocacy work (strategy 2015-2020) is ‘to achieve global justice by being translators, enablers and advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals.’

The DARE forum is the driver of the global citizen-led transformative agenda through Development Education/Awareness Raising (DEAR) and global citizenship education (GCE) for global justice. It acts as a laboratory to explore new ways of thinking and acting for a change towards global justice and to contribute to citizens empowerment through GCE.

The advocacy work of DEEEP and the DARE forum has 5 priorities:

  1. Advocacy on EU level for: EU policies supportive on DEAR/GCE; common policy issues; supporting DEAR/GCE at national level.
  2. Capacity building to members
  3. Forum of members
  4. Innovation for DEAR
  5. Increase global connections

This aim and these priorities have been developed through several advocacy processes, listed below, during DEEEP4:

Core processes:

Related processes:

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