Our new Think Piece is out!

Barbara Riek reveals a personal reflection, as civil society funder, on why should development educators have more political ambition when it comes to education. German version here.

Our statement on refugees and immigration

The DARE Forum calls on DEAR organisations to take commitment around the issue of refugees and immigration and prioritize it in their strategies and actions.

Visit our new online library

Discover this new “European hub” which gathers hundreds of resources about Global Education, Development and much more.

The road beyond Tunis

Read the story of our three years journey “Towards the Global Citizens’ Movement” and discover our learnings and vision forward in this report! Now available in French and Spanish.

From communication to change

Time to change the way we communicate development issues! Here are some tips, toolkits and best practices that might help you going in that direction…

The Grand Finale as if you were there

Last week, the Grand Finale took place in Brussels, it was the last conference of the DEEEP project. For an entire day, we have gathered our network , friends and members to harvest the ‘Best of Global Learning’ collectively. Read the entire story and discover how the ‘Art of Hosting’ made our participants sparkle for a new kind of transformation.

Our Grand Finale Event: ‘The Best of Global Learning’

For the last conference of the DEEEP Project, we will explore the real work of development education and awareness raising. Through a participatory appreciative enquiry methodology, we will distil the ‘Best of Global Learning’, education that addresses systemic transformation. Join us and don’t miss the ‘DEEEP fait la fête’ party in the evening.

From Development Education to Glocalised Citizenship Education? Insights from the Riga Conference

The European DARE Forum met on the 7th of May in Riga to discuss with the Latvian Development Education & Awareness Raising field on the future of the sector. As development and development education are increasingly outdated names and frames for the work that our sector is doing, the DEAR actors gathered to discuss two new frames: Global Citizenship Education and Glocalisation. What can these new frames bring in the agenda? Discover the outcomes of the discussions in this blogpost.

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