Press release: The 2nd European Citizens Summit

The 2nd European Citizens Summit legitimises an alternative Europe. Find more about our vision of and statements for Europe Institutions in this press release.

Media Statement: The Brussels Proposal

The Post-2015 agenda needs to be much more ambitious and transformative in terms of development and education. This is what the “Brussels Proposal: Towards a new direction for Education” stands for!

Our latest Think Piece now available in French!

The stories we tell ourselves (Ces histoires que nous inventions) by Rene Suša is a challenging and emotional reading that we recommend to anyone who wants to know what change really means!

Europe from a citizens perspective

The second edition of the European Citizens Summit took place yesterday and today in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. During 2 days, citizens from Europe challenged current European policies and designed an alternative vision of what Europe could be without its growth obsession. Here is the story of this exiting journey.

Why you should not miss the European Citizens’ Summit

The second edition of the European Citizens’ Summit “Beyond Europe’s growth obsession: rights, justice and democracy for all” is getting closer. Only two weeks left to this very open and diverse event, that will take place on September 23 and 24 in front of the European Parliament, in the heart of Brussels. When we are saying it is going to be open to the public, we really mean it. We are happy to invite you on behalf of the Civil Society Contact Group to this special meeting connecting #citizens2014.

Sub-granted projects 2014: who has been selected?

We believe that new initiatives and various projects addressing the development education experts’ needs are essential but addressing these needs shouldn’t be done without learnings. We decided to launch a call for sub-granted projects for which the selection process is based on a peer review and mutual learnings. The process is now over and we are happy to announce that the following project proposals have been selected.

National seminars 2014: who has been selected?

As a platform, we believe capacity building is an essential mission of our work. This year, we have launched 2 calls for capacity development opportunities: one for seminars and one for projects. The selection process is now over and we are happy to announce that 3 national platforms’ seminars will benefit from the grant thanks to their quality proposals. Congratulations to them!

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