Goodbye DEEEP project

Discover the last words our DEEEP4 team wanted to address you before the closure of the project.

Watch 'The numbers'

If you believe it’s time to question the market ideology and change public discourse on the role of markets and money then join the #moneycantbuy community.

Toolkit on transformational communication

How do you frame development issues? Read this practical hands-on guide and start questioning your ways of communicating development issues.

Our new Think Piece is out!

Barbara Riek reveals a personal reflection, as civil society funder, on why should development educators have more political ambition when it comes to education. German version here.

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Discover this new “European hub” which gathers hundreds of resources about Global Education, Development and much more.

Goodbye DEEEP !

The DEEEP project will finish by 31 December 2015 after having provided support to the European development education community over 12 years. This is the end of an era, but also the start of a new phase of addressing global citizenship and public engagement for global justice. Find in this blogpost the last words our DEEEP4 team wanted to address you!

Key learnings from the DEEEP Project

What can be learnt from the DEEEP4 experience? After 3 years of challenging, fantastic and daring project, it’s time to look backwards and take the learnings from this experience. Enjoy the critical friend’s report and learn from this universal story of change.

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