Think Piece on Transformation

What is the Great Transition or Great Transformation so many people talk about? Why would we need a system change? Read this thoughtful reflection on what change actually means. A personal and inspirational paper that worth reading and sharing!

The story of the World Citizens Movement

This is an intense and engaging reading which tells the story of the “World Citizens Movement” with a personal and appealing perspective. After reading it, you will probably wonder why you are not on board yet?

Monitoring Education for Global Citizenship

Read our new report on Education for Global Citizenship to find out what practitioners from around the world consider to be the key challenges and opportunities for monitoring it best!

Global Conference 2014

All you need to know about our past event is in this link!

Videos are available here.

From communication to transformation !

Discover Reframing the message. This project developed unique practical guides and tutorials on how to tell stories differently. Real practice for real change!

Transformation – Reflections on theory and practice of system change

Our second “Think Piece” provides a thoughtful reflection on what change means in our society. What is the Great Transition or Great Transformation so many people talk about? Why would we need a system change? The author, Johannes Krause, provides a sincere and personal interpretation of these concepts. A small light in this time of complexity and darkness…

Global Citizenship Education: monitoring report and UNESCO conference

We have been working for several months on the inclusion of the Global Citizenship Education concept in the post-2015 agenda. Today is an important date in that matter: we are participating in the 2nd UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education taking place in Paris, and we have the pleasure to launch there our monitoring report on Education for Global Citizenship and present it to the audience.

Why is 2015 an important year for us

15th January is a day of a huge importance for both Europe and the world. Today, the European Year for Development together with the Action/2015 campaign are officially being launched. This is why these campaigns are important for us…

Right to education in the centre of our attention

Freedom to go to school should be granted to every child. This basic right has been in the spotlight lately. When kids are being taught to participate and are being involved, only then they can grow up into active adults who are not afraid to speak out against all injustices. We think it is necessary to work on this issue and we join the call for a real improvement in this matter. “We all need to contribute. It is our duty,” says Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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